What is it like to live in Alcala de Henares?

This is an explanation about what to live in Alcala de Henares really is like: people, weather, work hours, transportation, safety… More »

3 Things to do in the World Book Day in Alcalá (23rd April)

If there is a day in which Alcalá and books become synonyms it is in this day, the 23th of April, the World Book Day, when multiple events take place More »

Enjoy the best live music in Alcala de Henares

Do you like listening to good live music? These are the best five places to have a drink while listening live music in Alcala de Henares. More »

What to see in Alcala de Henares? Visit Alcala in one day

Are you coming to visit Alcala de Henares for the first time and you don’t know where to start? Friends are coming and you need information to show them around More »

Looking for souvenirs of Alcalá? Visit El Reino de Micomicón

Althouh Alcalá is a city where lots of students and visitors come every year, it may be difficult to find original or beautiful souvenirs of Alcalá for your friends or More »

Where to watch movies in Alcala de Henares

Movies in Alcala

Winter and the mood for movies under a warm blanket both arrive together… what are the options you have to watch movies in Alcala de Henares? These are four ways of watching movies and spanish television while you are in Alcala.

International shops in Alcala de Henares

International shops in Alcala

In this article we are going to speak about the international shops we like the most, but since there are so many, we are not trying to cover them all. If you have been in Alcala for a while and miss your homeland food, you need to read this post!

Christmas in Alcala

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries, but each one has some peculiarities. Alcalanow is going to explain to you the way we celebrate it in Spain and our special feasts.

Los Cerros de Alcala Natural Area

Cerros de Alcala

The natural park called Los Cerros de Alcalá, is the main green area in Alcalá. It is a great place for hiking or riding a bike without leaving the city.

Urban buses in Alcala de Henares. All the information you need!

Urban buses in Alcala de Henares

Complete information about urban buses in Alcala de Henares: lines, stops and schedules.

Tuna of the University of Alcala the Henares

A ‘Tuna’ is a group of university students who play guitar and sing serenades to earn money or food. The Tuna of the University of Alcala the Henares is one of the most famous in Spain.

Spanish Recipes: Bones of the Saints (Huesos de Santo)


‘Huesos de Santo’ (Bones of the Saints) are the most traditional of the sweets that we eat on All Saints’ Day. You may have already seen them in a confectioners’ shop window, and you may be wondering what are they made of or if you could make them at home.