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3 Things to do in the World Book Day in Alcalá (23rd April)


If there is a day in which Alcalá and books become synonyms it is in this day, the 23th of April, the World Book Day, when multiple events take place in the town to celebrate the tight relationship between Alcalá and literature. We will tell you how to make the best of this special day.

The nights of Don Juan in Alcalá – 2013


During November’13 the Nights of Don Juan are going to being performed in Alcala. They consist on a series of passages from the famous play Don Juan Tenorio that are placed in different parts of the historic center.

Classics in Alcalá 2013

Another year, and with this one, the thirteenth Classical Theatre Festival in Alcala de Henares, “Classics in Alcalá 2013”, takes place. It has established itself as one of the main national and international classical theater festivals worldwide.

Christmas in Alcala

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries, but each one has some peculiarities. Alcalanow is going to explain to you the way we celebrate it in Spain and our special feasts.

Enjoy Halloween and All Saints’ Day in Alcalá de Henares

Kids love Halloween, it’s a fact. They have been raised in a world of TV, music, internet, coca cola and English lessons since kindergarten. When they are 3 years old,they dress up for Halloween. Even though this never happened before, they are a new generation who probably feels like Halloween is part of them.

XVIII Don Juan in Alcalá

When José de Zorrilla, wrote Don Juan Tenorio in 1844, he was feeding from previous Spanish traditions: the Don Juan, the boisterous, reveler, fearless,  womanizer man, who enjoys seducing innocent and virtuous women, and then leaving them  afterwards  alone, in distress and without their virtue!. In his own words:

Market of Quijote

Alcalá is ready already!! The Market of Quijote starts today, a great opportunity for you guys to get to know the Spanish culture a little bit more.