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The project of the Spanish team Pleateau Team has been selected as one of the sustainable and self-sufficient energy housing proposals that will participate in the academic competition Solar Decathlon Europe, which is organized by the French Ministry of Housing, in collaboration with the European Commission (

The new Solar Decathlon Europe , which brings together twenty international teams, will take place in June 2014, it will be held in Versailles (France).

Plateau Team is presented as a multidisciplinary academic team, composed mainly by Architecture students (UAH), but also Building Engineering students (UAH and UCLM) and Telecommunication Engineering students (UCLM), together with professors from these centers. Other faculties and schools from these universities will collaborate as well, by providing their knowledge in order to cover all the necessary areas for the creation of an innovative solar habitat.


All this would not be possible without the support of public institutions and private sponsors who contribute with monetary provision, materials, or necessary technical advice.


 The team proposes a change in the city model through a sustainable redensification which limits the current uncontrolled consumption of land. It also aims to increase buildable area in a compact and efficient way.

This is why we propose an intervention in existing buildings by colonization of roof space and development of facades, improving the present living conditions.

The objective is to emulate nature by creating a symbiotic organism that will benefit all the parts involved.

The new urban complex that is generated is based on sustainability in three different aspects: economical, energetic and social.

The project is economically reflected in the idea of Low Cost, through a pre-fabricated modular system which offers various solutions depending on the user´s needs. In addition, the revenue from the sale of the new house will be used for the rehabilitation of the existing building on which it will be built.

From an energetic point of view, it controls and limits the impact which is generated in the construction process from obtaining materials to recycling at the end of its useful life.

Finally, it seeks social sustainability as it generates new community spaces which allow citizens to pursue new activities.


Among the different activities that Plateu Team has carried out, we should mention: the presentation of the prototype to university communities of UAH and UCLM, and in the International Energy and Environment Fair GENERA 2013; the meeting held with Marta García de la Calzada, Councillor for Development of Castilla-La Mancha; our participation in EFENALBA Fair, where the latest technological advances in energy efficiency have been exposed; and finally a meeting with Ana Gomendio, General Director for Housing of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

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