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The best Ice Cream in Alcalá

What is better than ice cream when you are going for a walk, coming back from an evening of ‘tapas’, taking a sun bath in Plaza de Cervantes, or thirsty and feeling hot? I’ll tell you: Artisan Ice Cream!!

Classics in Alcalá 2013

Another year, and with this one, the thirteenth Classical Theatre Festival in Alcala de Henares, “Classics in Alcalá 2013”, takes place. It has established itself as one of the main national and international classical theater festivals worldwide.

Why was Alcala de Henares important?

Alcala was never important because of Madrid

An explanation of why was Alcala de Henares important. And no, it wasn’t because of being close to Madrid.

New bus from Alcala de Henares to Madrid Airport!!!

bus from Alcala de Henares to Madrid Airport

Schedule, routes and prices for the new bus from Alcala de Henares to Madrid Airport.

All you need to know about tasty tapas in Alcala!

Tapas in Alcala

Alcalá is well known for its tapas, since pretty much every bar has its own specialty. Do you wonder what are the best tapas in Alcalá de Henares?

Visiting Complutum Alcala La Vieja and others

Complutum Alcala

You already know how important is and has been the University of Alcala for our city, but… Do you know something about Alcala before the University was built? These are the places you need to visit: Complutum Alcala la Vieja and others.

A brief History of Alcala de Henares

History of Alcala

In this post we talk about the history of Alcalá de Henares, we tell you briefly the most important facts that you should know about our city. Aren’t you curious of its origins and how it developed?