The nights of Don Juan in Alcalá – 2013

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During November’13 the Nights of Don Juan are going to being performed in Alcala. They consist on a series of passages from the famous play Don Juan Tenorio that are placed in different parts of the historic center.

Route of the visit: Plaza de Cervantes-Capilla del Oidor/Hostería del Laurel. Corral de la Sinagoga/El Monasterio. Casa de los López de la Flor/El Divan. San Felipe Neri/El duelo. Plaza de la Victoria/ElCementerio. Fachada Principal de la Catedral Magistral/La Cena. Plaza de las Bernardas/El arrepentimiento.

When: Every Friday and Saturday from 2nd to 30th of November.

Price: 6 euros. Free admission for children under 10 years.

Visit time: 2:30 hours

Information and reservations: 91 889 26 94

Where: Tourist Office of the Plaza de los Santos Niños


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