The best Ice Cream in Alcalá

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What is better than ice cream when you are going for a walk, coming back from an evening of ‘tapas’, taking a sun bath in Plaza de Cervantes, or thirsty and feeling hot? I’ll tell you: Artisan Ice Cream!!

Regular ice cream is always a good option (especially if you are in love with ice cream). Nevertheless, you should stop by Dall’agnese ice cream shop any time you are around Plaza de Cervantes, a classic in Alcalá de Henares.

Here you can enjoy a quality artisan ice cream starting from 2,10€ per cone. ‘Stracciatella’ (cream + chocolate) or ‘Vainilla con cookies’ (vanilla + cookie and chocolate bits) are perfect, although we want to suggest to you a couple of flavours that we love:

Yogur con Amarenas:
If you like yogurt ice cream but are tired of always picking the same thing, you must try this. Yogurt is perfect with amarena (sour cherry) and syrup.

[notification type=”alert”]WARNING: this ice cream needs the little ‘amarena’ pieces. If there is not much left and you are ordering the last ice cream from the bottom of the container, it may just be yogurt ice cream with minor pieces of amarena. You’d better wait for or the next batch or come back another day. [/notification]

Mandarina nevada:
A refreshing and original flavour made of mandarin ice cream with chocolate shavings. I’ll just tell you it is worth a try.

[notification type=”alert”]Do not ask for ‘menta nevada’ ice cream, unless you have a thing for After Eight or you like mint chewing gum with chocolate. [/notification]

If you are visiting the city or feel like something typical, try the ‘vainilla cervantina’ ice cream, ¡the vainilla ice cream Miguel de Cervantes used to eat! (this may not be real, :-P). If there is no mood for ice cream, slush is always a good choice (they have some original flavours, like kiwi).

Dall’agnese ice cream shop is placed in Plaza de Cervantes 30

¡Have a wonderful sunny afternoon in Alcalá!

Is there another ice cream flavour you like? We are looking forward to hearing your recommendations!

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