Classics in Alcalá 2013

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Another year, and with this one, the thirteenth Classical Theatre Festival in Alcala de Henares, “Classics in Alcalá 2013”, takes place. It has established itself as one of the main national and international classical theater festivals worldwide.

This year it is held between 12th and 30th June 2013, with the main stage in the Comedy Corral (Theatre building from the XVIth century) of Alcalá -the only one still existing in Spain along with the one in Almagro – but there are also other stages such as in the Old Hospital de Santa Maria la Rica or the Regional Archaeological Museum. In total there will be over 25 companies and 79 activities, including performances, lectures, meetings with actors, etc.. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy classical theatre, in distinct locations.

Among the works which will be represented, there are Spanish classics such as The Knight of Olmedo, The Toledian Night, Secret Vengeance for Secret Insult and The Phantom Lady, and Shakespearian ones such as King Lear, The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth.

Here you can find the address of the official website where you can find information about activities in deeper detail, as well as the event dates, how and where to purchase the tickets, etc.

From Alcalanow, we hope you enjoy this festival!

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