Urban buses in Alcala de Henares

Urban buses in Alcala de Henares. All the information you need!

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Complete information about urban buses in Alcala de Henares: lines, stops and schedules.

The information on the Internet about urban buses in Alcala de Henares is a mess. That is why we have decided to help you guys, speak at length about it and give you some tips.

General information about urban buses in Alcala de Henares:

  • Entering and exiting is permitted only at designated stops. Passengers should form a line at the bus stop, enter only through the front door and exit through the back doors.
  • Shortly before your stop, push the red buttom to request the bus driver stop and prepare yourself to exit. You should hear a ring and ‘próxima parada’ will appear (usually in red) at the front of the bus above the driver or front door. Since it is not required to stop if there are no passengers waiting at the bus stop, the driver will only stop when someone whises to get off.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus, neither is talking to the bus driver.
  • A one-way ticket costs about 1,30€, and it is the only kind you can buy on the bus.

Fares of urban buses in Alcala de Henares:

  • The fare must be paid upon entry, and you should pay the driver. They do provide change – usually just coins and possible 5 euro bills, but nothing larger.
  • You can also get a Bonobus, which is a Ten-Ride ticket and costs about 8,50€. It can be purchased at an estanco or any business which has the sign. This ticket can be used in other cities, as long as they are inside the B3 zone. It can also be used by more than one passenger. All should get on the bus together and validate for as much rides as there are people.
  • The Abono transporte de la Comunidad de Madrid‘, a monthly bus & tram pass, for the zone B3 is valid in Alcalá de Henares. You just need to show your abono to the Bus driver.

Bus lines, stops and schedule of urban buses in Alcala de Henares:

Alcalá de Henares has twelve bus lines, most of them connect the city center and Plaza de Cervantes with the surroundings. Click on the following links for specific information of a line:

Bus routes are indicated by diferent colors in the map above. Click on one of them to know it’s name. View Buses in Alcalá de Henares in a larger map

Real-time information of urban buses in Alcala de Henares:

You can consult the real-time position of the buses in Alcalá. It may help you to hurry up or relax while you are going to the bus stop. To get the information click on the following links:

  • Line search: to know the current position of the bus of a certain line, the posible changes and the buses that stop in there.

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