Student accommodation in Alcala De Henares

Student accommodation in Alcala De Henares

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Looking for affordable student accommodation in Alcala De Henares? These are the resources you need to finally find a place to stay in.

Sooner or later (better sooner!) you will have to look for a room, or a flat, to rent in Alcalá. Ever guess how? Here is our advice of the different options.

University residences in Alcala De Henares

The University of Alcalá offers a certain number of rooms in student residences, they are situated both in the Historic Center, where languages and social sciences are taught, and the Main Campus in Alcalá, where science is taught (about 3-4km from the Historic Center). Rooms are also available in Guadalajara.

Living in a residence is a good option if you are going to study at the Campus UAH and you want to meet Spaniards, although it is difficult to find a room in the city center.

University residences in Campus UAH

In these residences you will usually have to share a flat with 6-8 other students with your own individual room, so it is a great way to meet new people, especially since many spanish students live in the residences.

The residences at the Main Campus have all kinds of facilities, but apart from a small grocery shop, two or three banks, and some bars, there are not many businesses opened close by, and you will have to take the bus or drive a car (if you have one) to get your groceries.

This is the website of CRUSA Residence, and this other one is for RESA Residence, both located in Campus UAH.

University residences in the city center

You have to consider that finding a place in the residence in the Historic Center is quite difficult since there are only a very limited number of rooms available, although it is worth trying.

We do not have much information about this residence because it is quite new, but it looks promising. Their website, with prices and rooms is this one: DUNIA HALL

Room in a shared flat for students in Alcala de Henares

Acommodation in student residences is not as common in Alcala as it is in the rest of Europe. There are plenty of rooms available in shared flats located in the city center, which are only rented to students. Probably the best option for most students.

Student accommodation in Alcala De Henares through the University

The university has a service for helping students to find a room or a flat. It is the “Centro de Information Universitaría de la UAH”, located in Colegio de San Ildefonso in Plaza de San Diego s/n, with opening times Mon-Thu 9:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00, and Fr 9:00-14:00. Here is the information about the office.

If you want information about rooms, flats or other services offer directly by the university you will have to go to the office or contact them through email or phone.

Our opinion about this office is that, although it can be good for finding a room if you are in a big hurry, you will find better deals looking for rooms in internet.

Websites for finding student accommodation in Alcala De Henares

There are several websites where you can find rooms/flat for rent. It is important to know that they are completely free, and you can access the owner’s contact data without paying anything. We recommend this option especially if you can’t speak much Spanish. is the most popular website for looking for a room or a flat. It is good to know that the website is available not only in Spanish, but also in English.
Only for room rental, a huge database with rooms for rent. It is available also in English. Highly recommended. is another popular website, it has the same options as It is only available in Spanish.

Staying with a family in Alcala de Henares

Living with a Spanish family will help you to quickly improve your Spanish skills while learning about the real Spanish way of life. You will need to get used to a different daily routine (spaniards will probably do everything later than you are used to), but they will cook for you and do your laundry too.

Most people staying with families in Alcala are taking part in some kind of  Study Abroad Program. Our advice, contact with a local business, for example Alcalingua, and they will find you a nice family to live in.

Hope this post can help you find a place to stay more easily!!

Are you new in Alcala? In our website you will find more useful information for you during your first days in the city.

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  1. Alcalá it´s a very nice place to stay studing in Spain. Is near from Madrid and has a large student population. Very funny.

  2. where do most British students tend to seek accommodation in Alcala – studying Spanish and haven’t started to look for place yet starting this September?

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