Live music in Alcala

Enjoy the best live music in Alcala de Henares

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Do you like listening to good live music? These are the best five places to have a drink while listening live music in Alcala de Henares.

Although live music in Spanish bars and pubs is not as usual as in other countries, there are several good places in Alcala where, every weekend, you can enjoy your drink while listening to live music.  This is another good reason for not leaving the town!

These five places are our favourites:

Musica Rock y heavy
Rock and Heavy metal

Live music in Alcala in Sala Ego Live

In this local concerts are the rule and not the exception, every weekend there is a concert.

  • It is located in El Val neighborhood, in a small shopping mall named Centro Comercial El Val. (Calle de Zaragoza, nº8)
  • It mainly focuses on hard rock and heavy metal, but you can occasionally hear other kinds of music.
  • It opens from Thursday to Saturday, and prices may range from nothing to 5-10 euros a beer included, depending on the concert.
  • Check the webpage, it is worth a visit.
Música Rock los fines de semana

Live music in Alcala in Pub Tic-Tac

More a pub than a local. During the day you would not distinguish it from your normal pub, you can enjoy your drink or play darts.

  • Good music on weekends, usually rock.
  • It is located in Paseo de las Moreras 16 and very near of Vado’s Gate. (Paseo de las Moreras, nº16)
  • Follow them on Facebook if you want to be informed of all the news.
Flamingo Bar
Rock en Flamingo Bar

Live music in Alcala in Flamingo Bar

One more place with concerts every weekend, mostly rock.

  • It is located in Paseo de las Moreras, nº4.
  • Most concerts are for free, bus sometimes you must pay an entrance which will cost about 5 euros.
  • Their facebook page is updated with the next events.


[notification type=”warning”]In this link, although in Spanish, you can find very useful information about the concerts and live music events going on in Alcala and surroundings.[/notification]

Música en vivo en La Garena
Música en La Garena

Live music in Alcala in Sala Mombasa

It is a mix of café, bar and pub, with a notorious decoration.

  • Located in Plaza Garena, very close to La Garena train station.  (Avda Juan Carlos I, nº13 )
  • Concerts are sadly not held so often, but are mainly rock and pop bands, sometimes soul, blues or flamenco.
  • To know more about the concerts, follow them on facebook.



Antiguos Cines Cisneros
Antiguos Cines Cisneros

Live music in Alcala in the former Cines Cisneros

A recent addition to the live music bars in Alcalá in a former cinema.

  • Located in Plaza de los Santos Niños, nº3
  • They organized not only concerts and live music events, but also monologues, cineclub, and more.
  • This place has changed its name many times by now. The current name is Lobby 68 andMokaï, although we are not sure for how long…


As you know, these are some but not all places where to enjoy live music in Alcalá de Henares. Do you know any other good bar with regular musical events? Please, let us know!

Check this link if you want other ideas for having fun in Alcalá.

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