International shops in Alcala

International shops in Alcala de Henares

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In this article we are going to speak about the international shops we like the most, but since there are so many, we are not trying to cover them all. If you have been in Alcala for a while and miss your homeland food, you need to read this post!

Nowadays, there are many immigrants and foreign students in Alcala, if you are one of them you probably miss many things from your homeland, but miss them no more! It does not matter where  you come from, Alcala has so many international shops that probably there is one for you!

The following shops are some of the best in Alcala. In these you will usually find food, but  in some of them you may also find books, movies and many other things!

You may also find some international products in large supermarkets or shopping malls such as El Corte Inglés, Carrefour or Alcampo.

Eastern European shops in Alcala  (Russian, Polish, Bulgarian and Ukrainian)

Alcala is well-supplied with eastern european shops, but in our opinion there is one that surpasses all the others.

  • Kozak (Plaza/Santa María de la Cabeza 3, in front of San Isidro Chapel and Park)
    It is a very well assorted shop, where you can find not only food from Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and Ukraine, but you can also find books, dvds and cds. It is one of the largest Russian shops in the region of Madrid. The personnel are also very nice.
  • Tedy (C/Carmen Descalzo 4)
    They mainly have food products from Bulgaria.

Romanian shops in Alcala

If you come from Romania you can consider yourself lucky, since the amount of Romanian shops in Alcalá is quite large and varied: there are grocery stores, butcher’s shops and bakeries among others. These shops are all across the town, and also in all the markets. Some of our favourite shops are:

  • Butcher’s and grocery shops in Galeria Comercial Juan de Austria
  • Romanian Butcher’s shop in Juan de Austria Street
  • Vicky’s  (C/ Pedro Laínez s/n)
    Romanian bakery located in the train station building, but you have to access it from the street.

US-American shops in Alcala

Currently, a lot of US-american style shops have been opened, since cupcakes and other food from the States have grown in popularity due to movies and TV series. The best is Taste of America, but there is another shop more focused on cupcakes and baked goods in Calle Angel 5.

  • Taste of America (C/Beatas 3, very close to Plaza Cervantes)
    It is part of a franchise, which focuses on food from the US, primarily desserts and baking supplies but it also has sodas, cereals, sauces and some Tex-Mex food.
  • Chicolata (C/ Angel, 6)
    Focused on cupcakes and baked goods.

Asian shops in Alcala

There are a lot of Asian shops throughout the city and they have almost everything you can imagine related to most styles of Asian cuisine. Our favourite for buying asian food is:

  • H&H Autoservicio (C/ Cánovas del Castillo on the corner with C/ Emilio Castelar, close to the train station)
    They feature a well-assorted selection of products, probably the best one in Alcala, and they do not only have food and products from China, but also from Korea and Japan.

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We would be happy to  hear of your recommendations and favourite international shops in Alcala!

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